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little country weekend

little country weekend

We started this big adventure choosing to head straight to the Ontario country side. We were not 100% sure how the time change would affect us so we wanted to make sure we had time to settle and adjust before Mark headed into a week of work. And James and I into a week of visiting friends in the city.

We choose the little town called Kincardine on Lake Huron. Honestly we didn’t know much about the town of Kincardine, only that it was west of the city, and on Lake Huron which both Mark and I had never visited before.

We had a rough first day after a red eye flight that James did not sleep much on but he rallied after a long car nap and we settled into the sleepy little town. Turns out time change is just like sleep deprivation. You have it, its awful, but you still go about the day trying to get as many mini naps in as possible.

Part of me wishes we had had a few more days out in the country because there is so much we didn’t get to explore. The lake was gorgeous I have never seen a lake so blue. And it was cold like ice but so refreshing. The sand dunes were up and down the coast line combined with all the little soft lake stones I was in love.

We spent the weekend recharging, visiting the local fall fair, eating pizza, and having DQ ice cream cake for my birthday. I loved it.

xo Alexa

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