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little town little life

little town little life

Mark and I have always talked about a lifestyle of city mouse and country mouse. A life in the big city and a house in the country. Our dream life is the best of both worlds. Oh that and the snow bird life – summer in BC and the winter somewhere warm.

Well after years of thinking talking and planning we up and just decided to move to the “country life” or in our case – the tiny town.

After moving across Canada and landing in Victoria with a 4 month old we took the next 6 months to figure out what our next step would be. It wasn’t easy. There were lots of tears (mine) and frustrated moments (his) the housing market in our area of BC is not the easiest. It actually calls into question a lot of what is important in life. For us it was sitting down and imagining what we wanted our life to look like. We are lucky in that Mark works remotely and currently I’m home with James so we had our pick of where we could live without needing to worry about commute.

We wanted a community, we wanted somewhere where James could explore and where we could ‘grow up’ as a family. After living in one bedroom apartments we were very content in small spaces but always loved the idea of a little garden and a yard.

What started as a curiosity turned into a pretty quick decision to just jump. As a family we tend to make pretty quick decisions when it feels right. Should I move to Toronto – yes! Should we start a family – yes! Should we move to a small town – yes! As someone who is a worrier and has pretty high anxiety about things I tend to make pretty quick decisions when it feels right. And this felt so right.

So here we are in our little retirement town. James went swimming in the ocean for the first time this weekend and he loved it (and he slept afterwards! oh sweet sleep!) Mark and I are finding our communities and it looks like this little town is going to work out just right.


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