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my promise

my promise

Have you ever sat down to set intentions?
Wrote out what was important at this time in your life. Thought about where you are today and what matters.

Recently I started writing down daily intentions like ‘I will be kind to myself today’ or ‘I will take time today to paint.’ These early morning intentions help set the tone for the day. Even if I falter with the outcome the intention is still there.

Today the intentions came readily but they were not daily. Today they looked much different. In the wake of the weekends events, and the deep rooted sadness in my heart, these are my intentions as a mother of a young child.

– I will teach you kindness, compassion and empathy

– I will show you courage and gratitude

– I will love you fiercely and show you the love of a mother who loves herself

– I will always listen to you and give you space for your worries and fears

– I will treat you with respect and know that you will treat others with the same

I know my part is small but I will raise this little guy to be courageous and caring. To be kind and to love with an open heart.


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