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weekends well spent

weekends well spent

Sometimes I just want to use this space to share the beautiful photos of a weekend well spent.

This weekend was lovely we slept, drank warm coffee, went for a walk with our neighbours, went down to the beach and on multiple hikes in the woods. Living here reminds me we are so lucky. Ocean mornings and woodsy afternoons are what my dreams are made of.

One of my to dos since the world went from film cameras to digital was to relearn Manual in digital format. Well so far its been a big learning curve. I’m about 10% into a book called Understanding Exposure (which has been a great tool for anyone looking to learn). It’s very technical but it is what I need to push myself further.

This weekend I made a point of switching over to full Manual. Not going back when it seemed difficult but just getting started understanding exposure. So far I’m loving it. The creativity it allows is amazing plus not getting discouraged when shots turn out ‘not quite right’ has been really beneficial. Instead I just change the settings and try again! Such a novel idea 🙂

Here are some of our shots from the weekend!


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