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why we travel

why we travel

There seems to be about a 50% split when we tell people we are traveling as a family with a almost toddler. 50% think its awesome 50% think we are outright crazy. Honestly I think both are right for different reasons.

Mark and I love to travel. We love new experiences and we love adventure. When we got pregnant we talked about taking our baby on these big adventures. We traveled a lot together over the years most recently in Australia for 5 weeks when I was around 12 weeks pregnant. Each time we go on a big trip we are in a different stage of life. I know that this trip will be a different type of adventure (as it was when I was pregnant).

In Australia I slept a lot. We explored beaches and beautiful cities. We spent time with amazing friends and read a lot of books. So far this trip is looking quite different. Less sleep, less books. But beautiful beaches and chasing after baby. The time change is working in our favour so far and James is up later and sleeping longer. Which means we get dinners together and I get a few extra z’s in the morning. He is still up in the night but so far I’m calling this a win.

I’m positive we will hit some hiccups along the way. We are absolutely in for at least another tooth or two. Plus I know with different places we travel and different transportation schedules we will have to adjust his schedule. More stops, more naps on the go. We tried to pack light and I’m sure we forgot things we might need. But he loves planes and trains. He’s been such a happy baby through these last 4 days we are extremely lucky.

My plans are to share a little about how we packed for this trip. If it’s working or not. Where we decided to go and why. As well as maybe some tips we learn along the way. I’m sure I’ll over post pictures. But I’m really into photo taking these days and for my birthday Mark bought me a manual photography book so I’m super excited to dive into that!

Currently we are bopping around Toronto visiting friends for the week. Being back in our old city is always so much fun. It always feels like we never left which I love. Visiting our favourite coffee shops and tiny gem restaurants. Yum yum yum!


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